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Interactive Ontario Building Code

Designed with you in mind

Designed to meet the needs of Architects, Engineers, Building Officials, Contractors and anyone else who has to use the Building Code.

Skip the books!

The repetitive and time consuming aspect of navigating through the code has been replaced by a simple two or three step process. Answering a few simple questions about the building or space is all that is required. The program automatically analyses the code and displays the pertinent sections of the code for you to use as the basis of your design.

Easy to use

No more cases of forgetting crucial items that will haunt you later. All the relevant items are presented in a clear, neat fashion in a document that can be printed, or saved in the computer for later use.

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  • "The municipality first purchased the Interactive OBC program in November 1999 and later upgraded to a network licence in 2003. The program is laid out in a very intuitive way, which makes it very easy to use and it has made our work much easier. The IOBC is an excellent program."

    Ronald M. Kolbe, CBCO , (former Chief Building Official)

  • The Interactive OBC is a vital tool used in our daily plan review process and should be an indispensable training aid to any of the OBOA Intern participants who are working towards meeting all of the requirements for the Provincial Qualifications.

    Sherri Moore, CBCO, MAATO, Building / Zoning Plans Examiner

  • I use the Interactive OBC on a daily basis, especially for review of Part 3 buildings. All of the staff are using the program. It makes the work much easier. The program has Part 3 and Part 9 covered very well. The search engine is next to none, and finding articles is very quick and easy. I particularly like the fact that I can print out my research, which, if asked, I pass onto the applicant. The IOBC is a very worthwhile program. All the municipalities should use it.

    Donald Tedford CET, CBCO, ACST, Chief Building Official / Planning Administrator

  • From day one I thought the Interactive OBC was a great program. It is very easy to use and I use it every day, mainly on larger buildings. For houses I use it for limiting distance calculations and for any special cases. I like the fact that when looking up articles, I can click on defined terms and the definition pop's up. I am very satisfied with the program. I would certainly miss it if I did not have it. I bought a second copy of the Interactive Building Code for my new inspector, he will also put it to good use as he builds up his code knowledge. Plan review will definitely take longer without this resource

    Terry S. Tuck CBCO, Chief Building Official